Abortion... When is it legal?


Realize that when those who say they support women and 'their right to choose' are not really doing that.
The dirty little secret is that Abortion providers are interested in their bottom line YOUR MONEY.


There are others who benefit...

Is it legal for a man to demand that a woman get an abortion and she comply?
Many more men demand (forcefully) a woman carrying his child get an abortion than to keep it.
...And you know what I am talking about. Let's face it women ARE considered more responsible then men.
Men do not have any legal responsibility if an abortion takes place.

See: Testimonies of women forced to have abortions


A big issue in school among kids is parental consent for abortion
The central issue's about abortion consent laws are:

1.) What role do adults have in influencing the decision making process and what safeguards exist
to protect minors from basing irreversible choices on said adult influence?

      Historically, parents are recognized as in the position of protecting their children from all possible negative outside influences. Parents are also liable for actions that minors under their charge commit. A parent that does not have their child's best interest at heart would be a statistical anomaly, and a judicial 'override' is in place for such cases. (Although there are some who want to exploit this as a loophole). <Uncomfortable truth> Basically, parents while not always appearing to the minor, do have their children's best interest as their 'agenda'. This becomes more apparent later in life.

2.) What defines abortion as exempt from existing parental consent law
as it exists for all other elective procedures?

      Any elective medical procedure that even has the remotest possibility of complication should not be left up to a minor to decide yes or no. All elective procedures should be carefully examined and all alternatives considered by someone who might have more of the minors long term interests at heart and not by any individual who potentially could financially benefit from it's outcome. Could you imagine if a local reconstructive surgery clinic existed that had representatives in every high school come and share how any girl can easily become more beautiful in one visit, (her ugly problems dealt with in an easy procedure) after all everybody is doing it. Ask a good sample of girls who has visited Planned Parenthood if the procedure was presented in an unbiased manner listing all other alternatives. Many things are reversible, abortion is not one of those things.

      Arguments against parental consent are moot as they site statistical anomalies which are already answered in existing law. Under they guise of empowering women, this position also does not want decisions made on the basis of a well thought out logical choice, but prays on individuals to make an emotional quick decision. Hence, the push for minors to make choices in all areas of commerce. Generally speaking they are more easily manipulated. With a well thought out plan, those who tell young people what they want to hear, can talk them into many things an older adult would know not to do. This is how child molesters operate as well.

Speaking of predators...

Why would anyone in their right mind, side with a pedophile?

      One of the many things that women do not realize for example, is that the law is disregarded to give abortions, rather than to protect children from predators. See: Tape recordings of actual calls. This is yet one more indication that your safety, security and well being are not the biggest concern. Abortion is clearly seen as a higher priority than stopping criminal abuse, for which there is undisputed evidence of physical and emotional damage to the child. It can be concluded that making more abortions happen, regardless of the effect to those talked into it, is the agenda. See effects of abortion that are not shared.

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